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The 4 Personal Small Coolers That Are Taking The Cooler World By Storm This 2020

Do you sometimes feel like a kid heading out to work because of the little lunch box in your hand? Assuming this is the case, maybe it is about time to find another way of making lunch more enjoyable and not that embarrassing. On the other hand, you might want to find the Top Rated Coolers For Camping
or the best coolers for a day outing to the seashore, or for your kid. Personal ice chests are ideal for taking more than lunch with you. Below is an updated list of the most fantastic personal small models out there these days. Without any further ado, let’s check them out!

1. Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler, 5 Quarts - by Coleman

This ice chest can accommodate as many as six cans of soda or beer. You will love that it features a convenient handle for you to clutch and a wide bottom for enhanced stability. Above all, the FlipLid top is the thing that genuinely separates it from other units. The lid of this Coleman FlipLid model is reversible; which is why it tends to be utilized as a handy serving tray, which likewise includes well-shaped can holders. Thus, when the time has come to eat, you can eat without paying little heed to where you are. It is available in two colors, either red or blue.
2. Rubbermaid Cooler, 10 Quart - by Rubbermaid

According to cooler reviews and consumer reports, this is a standout amongst other small models if you need a personal cooler with the ability to hold more produce. It is able to carry up to twelve cans with ice. The device can keep beverages and food cool owing to the excellent thermal retention. You can carry it using the strong handle which swings from the top. It is anything but difficult to clean. Not all, the cooler is resistant to smells and stains. You can opt for a red or a blue model. This is likely one of the best-priced and most well-known selections for a small plastic ice chest.

3. Igloo 14.8 Quart Playmate Cooler with Industrial Diamond Plate Exterior Design - by Igloo

This portable cooler from Igloo, one of the
Best cooler on the market, has an industrial diamond plate outside design. The Playmate cooler comes with a tent molded locking lid that will assist with avoiding spills. What is great is that the diamond plating exterior is tough and can hold out against damage from impacts. The device opens toward either side for simple access, and holding the product’s handle is very comfortable. A lot of people favor the diamond plating sides, thus having this as their lunch tray .

4. Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler - by Coleman
Indeed, even small ice chests can become an inconvenience when stacked to its limit. Packing cans of beer or soda alongside ice can make the weight increase rapidly. On the off chance that this keeps you from buying a personal model, you ought to account for the wheeled cooler from Coleman. It is taller when compared to a lot of portable units and is able to fit a two-liter bottle standing up. While it is a less sizable version to many ice chests that feature wheels, it can hold up to twenty cans as well as ice. What is more, the product comes with redesigned wheels to guarantee it rolls seamlessly and the handle of this cooler is extendable to make it extremely comfortable at practically any height.

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The bottom line

Now that you have a better idea of the best small personal coolers on the market nowadays, choosing your most suitable model for your needs and wants cannot be easier! Happy shopping!